Linwood: FAQs

When locating a suitable site, we wanted to make sure the plant had as little impact on the lives of local residents as possible. The Linwood site is perfect because it is in an already well-established heavy industry and distribution centre, with excellent transport networks and access.

The processing plant is designed to help deal with Scotland’s waste tyre problem by collecting waste tyres and using innovative technology to recycle or reuse every component part of the waste tyre. In doing so, we will be helping Scotland achieve its Net Zero goals by preventing up to 225,800 tonnes of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere.

For more information on how the plant will work please click here.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.  The Linwood processing plant should not emit any odours and has been designed in a way that will minimise any impact on the surrounding environment. To facilitate this, our plant will use state of the art micro turbines for our power and heat generation which will preserve the environment through near-zero emissions.

Once the pre-application stage of the planning process has been completed, we will undertake detailed assessments of noise and air quality and share the results on the webpage. 

Like with any working site, traffic increases are to be expected. However, because the site is located in an existing industrial area, with no immediate residential neighbours, this should have minimal impact on the local community. We expect there to be no more than 6 or 7 additional vehicles on the road per hour, during operational hours.

A detailed transport statement is underway, after which we will share the results on this webpage.

Detailed surveys are being completed to assess the risk of flooding to the site. We are confident that any issues can be mitigated against, with no risk to the surrounding areas.


If you have a question about our plans, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our online form.

Alternatively, you can join our virtual Town Hall event on the 20th March 2021, at 10am, where representatives from SSH Recycling will be on hand to explain more about the project and answer any questions you may have.

Please also keep checking this page, as we will update the FAQs as more questions come in.