About SSH Recycling

We want Scotland, and the UK, to be a zero-waste nation and believe that responsibility for this should start at home. This is why we founded SSH Recycling and set ourselves the mission of building and running the UK’s first tyre processing plant that will recycle or reuse every component part of the waste tyre, right here in Scotland.

How do we do it?

Tyres are made from a material called vulcanized rubber – a natural rubber that has been treated to make it harder and more durable – making it perfect for the tyres we need for our cars, lorries and other vehicles.

While this material increases the durability of tyres, it also makes them very difficult to efficiently recycle. When tyres are sent away for recycling, they tend to be broken down into lower value products such as crumb, filler and aggregate, or tyre derived fuel. The low-value product derived from waste tyres isn’t in high demand, making it an expensive process. As a result, waste tyres often end up either scarring the landscape in tyre piles or being exported to be burned elsewhere in the world at an enormous carbon cost

To solve this problem, SSH Recycling is building a tyre processing plant that will support the full devulcanisation of treated rubber – a ground-breaking system that will see every part of the waste tyre broken down to be recycled or reused, allowing for a truly closed-loop recycling process.

How does it work?

Our People

Director of Operations, Robert Keay

Robert Keay is the Director of Operations at SSH Recycling Ltd.

Having worked for over 15 years in the tyre industry, Robert brings a wealth of experience to the company, and a passion to make Scotland as environmentally friendly as possible – by turning the waste tyre into a useable and reusable product.

Robert is also a current Director at SSH Recycling’s partner company, Caledonian Tyres – one of the leading retread suppliers in the UK, and the appointed Franchise Partner for Bandag in Scotland. He joined the company as a driver in 2005 and rose to become Managing Director in 2017.

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